Proud Scholar Moments

T-Shirt Design Partnership with RAYGUN by Hayley Taylor-Schlitz

At age 17, Haley Taylor-Schlitz, Young Scholar and second year law student was a delegate to the Democratic Party National Convention and was also active in Senator Harris’ campaign for President. When Senator Harris was picked as the nominee for Vice President by Joe Biden Haley was overwhelmed with excitement and joy. To celebrate those feelings she sat down and designed a new T-shirt about Senator Harris, ambitious girls, and making history.  Haley is happy to share that her design has been accepted by the amazing team at RAYGUN for production and has decided to have RAYGUN donate all the proceeds from her T-shirt design to the African American Policy Forum! Congratulations Haley!!

“I chose to partner with RAYGUN on this new T-shirt design because I believe in their progressive mission. They are one of the few T-shirt companies in the United States that supports paying living wages and has a unionized workforce. I wanted to make sure I found a company that I would feel good about partnering with and who supported human rights in our nation. You can read more about RAYGUN here: I am so happy to be able to support AAPF in this way!  It’s my hope that some of the proceeds from the sale of my T-shirt design that are provided to AAPF can help support future programming of the amazing Young Scholar Program.”

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– Haley Taylor-Schlitz (AAPF Young Scholar)