Intersectionality Matters: Black Girls Talk …

Dual Pandemics: Black Girls talk about Health and Education during the time of COVID 19

Today’s swirling conversation is about students re-entering learning environments, re-examining methods of education and mitigating plausible concerns about how to safely reintroduce students into education. But sadly, we don’t hear enough from the generation that is actually putting their bodies in these buildings, in these classrooms and in mixed social spaces that haven’t been tested since the onset of the most recent racial uprisings. 

During this episode, you’ll join a conversation led by 12 brilliant young Black Women scholars from universities all over the country as they discuss the profound impact that COVID-19 has on health and education in Black and Brown communities as a whole, and specifically on the lives of Black Women and Girls. 

In order to tackle these topics, we reached out to prominent Black Women physicians from around the country who are currently working on the frontlines of the pandemic to share their experiences with our group. Dr. Myeisha Taylor, a board certified emergency physician from Sunnyvale Texas, Dr. Arabia Mollette, a board certified emergency medical physician from Brooklyn NY and Dr. Cindy Duke, a board certified Virologist and Fertility Specialist from Las Vegas NV, all shared their expertise in managing COVID from various perspectives which helped us understand the viruses unique impact on Black Women and the Black community at large. 

“Dr. Crenshaw and AAPF understand that it’s a crucial time to train and empower young Black Women researchers; to not only confront the knowledge desert that exists in data related to Black Women, Black Girls and COVID, but also to center Black women as the authorities of their own research, data collection, its findings, and how it’s presented to the world.” 

– Dina Wright Joseph – YSP Director