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    A Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine by Aniah Francis

    A Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine     “Grappling with a new reality”  The year 2020 is one that people, like myself, are still grappling with. Not only are we dealing with health pandemic, but a racial one as well. The effects of these pandemics are not singular. Through the events of these past couples of months, underlying inequalities such as economic and educational have been magnified for the world to see.   In the time of COVID-19, Black girls and women are adjusting to working from home, doing schooling from home, or having to go back to high-stress environments. As such Black girls everywhere are grappling with unresolved trauma and issues,…

  • Reading List

    Reading List

    Greetings Family!  We wanted to take a moment to share a compiled list of our favorite books filled with Womanist thought to nurture the minds and spirits of Black Women and Girls everywhere. Enjoy!   Autobiographies, Memoirs, and other Nonfiction:  Black Feminism Poetry Novels and Fiction